Videos on Planting Vegetables

How to Plant Pepper and Tomato Seeds and How to Water Them


Bell Peppers 3
Bell Peppers Photo by Salzar78

This is  a video of Mel planting pepper seeds. Mel is an expert home gardener, and has one the best gardens that I know.

Click this link to watch the video.

Video: Mel on How To Plant Pepper Seeds


Tomatoes Photo by Jarsem

Watch Mel planting tomatoes.

Video: Mel Planting Tomatoes

How to Water Newly Planted Seeds

watering cans
Watering Cans Photo by techny57

Watch Mel on how to water newly planted seeds.

Video: How to water newly planted seeds

Transplanting seedlings to Prevent Root Bound Plants

In this next video Mel shows how to transplant the pepper seedlings to larger pots to prevent them from getting root bound. This is done so that their growth is not stunted. The peppers now have more room to grow as they wait for the last frost date to pass and the can go out into the garden. The method of transplanting is the same for most other vegetables, that are not to sensitive to transplant shock.

Video: Mel Transplanting Pepper Seedlings

Pinching Off Leggy Seedlings

In this next video we check out the progress of the seedlings, and Mel shows how he pinches back a leggy tomato seedling.

Video: Mel Shows How To Pinching Back Leggy Tomato Seedlings

Hardening Off Seedlings

Mel shows us his seedlings being hardened off.

Video: Mel Showing His Seedlings Being Hardened Off

Can Gardening and Mulching

Gardener Mel Getting Grass Clippings for Mulching

Gardener Mel shows us his method of using cans to protect his transplants until they are adjusted to the outdoors.

They he shows how he mulches using grass clippings, when removing the cans.

Video: Can Gardening and Mulching With Grass Clippings

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