Red Radishes
Radishes come in many varieties shapes and colors. There are two main types of of radishes winter and spring. Spring radishes grow more quickly and tend to go to seed in hot weather, so they are generally planted in early spring before hot weather. Winter radishes take longer and generally are planted in mid-summer to early fall. Both types come in many shapes and colors. All parts of the radish plants are edible including the leaves and seeds. The leaves are great additions to a salad. Seeds make great spicy seed sprouts.

Lighter soils tend to work better for radishes as heavy clay soils tend to hamper the root growth. If you have heavy clay soil you should add compost and/or sand. The soils should be kept evenly moist throughout their growing period. If the soil dries out it will hamper the root growth and if it dries out and then rains  radishes will sometimes crack. Radishes like cool temperatures so they should be planted early in the spring, for the spring varieties, as they mature rapidly. Once it gets warmer in the garden, radishes will not grow as big and they tend to be woody. Although you can grow them as small radishes and eat them greens and all. The winter radishes have a longer growing period, and therefore don’t go to seed quite as readily.

Radishes should be planted about a quarter inch, to a half inch deep and in rows about a foot apart, and thinned to 2 to 4 inches apart. Once you have planted your radishes keep them evenly moist as they grow, and harvest them as soon as they are ripe, or they will get pithy and hot. Once you harvest your radishes you should remove the leaves for storage in your refrigerator as they will keep longer and remain crisper that way.

The main problems you’ll have with radishes is keeping them evenly moist as they grow, or the plants from going to seed from too much heat. They can also have problems with root maggots, which will bore holes in them. Keep them watered during dry spells, plant the spring varities early to keep them from going to seed. Roots magnets can be controlled with pesticides from your garden center.

Radishes are one of them easiest vegetables to grow if planted at the right time and properly watered. They make a tasty addition to your salads and should be in every gardeners garden.

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