Which Onion Should You Grow
There are many different types onions, they come in various sizes and colors and shapes. From the scallions, bunching, pickling, and bulb types. Most types of onions can be used as scallions if they’re harvested when small. But for continuous scallions throughout the summer the bunching types are recommended. One of the most important things to be concerned about when planting onions is whether they are short day, or long day, or day neutral. Short day onions are suitable for the southern states, and long day onions are suitable for the northern areas. Day neutral onions can be planted anywhere. The sweetness of onions does have something to do with their genetics, but it is more important where they are grown. The heat from onions comes from sulfur, if your soil has high sulfur you will produce a hotter onion and if it has has low sulfur it will be a sweeter onion.
Green Onions

Planting Onions Seeds

You can start onions from seeds, sets, and transplants. If you start your onions from seeds you should start them six to eight weeks before you plant them outside. Plant them about a quarter inch deep in seed flats, and when they start growing, transplant them so they are about ½ inch to an inch apart. As they grow trim the tops to about 3 inches as this will promote more leaf growth which will produce larger onion bulbs.

Please watch the first video below on starting onion seeds.

Planting in the Garden

When you plant your onions outside, you treat the transplants and the sets pretty much the same. Plant them about four to six inches apart if your growing them for big bulbs, or plant them about two inches apart if you plan on harvesting the ones you thin as scallions. The main concern growing onions is to keep them moist and grow them in loose soil with a lot of organic matter. The other thing is to keep them weeded as onions do not compete well with weeds.

Please watch the second video below on planting onions in the garden.

Harvesting Onions


When the tops of your onions start to fall over it is getting close to harvest time. When the majority of the tops of fall over it’s a good idea to push the rest of them over. After the tops partially dry out it’s time to dig them out of the garden. After you dig them out knock off the loose dirt and let them dry in a sunny dry spot for two or three days to cure them. After that they should be ready for storage in a cool dry place with good air circulation.

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Video of Planting Onions from Seeds
Video of planting onion sets or seedlings

Here is a short video showing how to plant onions from sets or transplants

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