Leaf Lettuce
Types of Lettuce
There are many types of lettuce. From the common iceberg lettuce which is a head type found in every grocery store, to the bibb, the cos or romaine, and the leaf types. They come in many different colors from pale green, to dark green, to light red, to dark red, and everything in between. Leaves can also be smooth or crinkly and have many different shapes, some with smooth edges and some with leaves shaped like oak leaves. Head lettuce can be somewhat difficult to grow since it requires a long cool growing period. The leaf, bibb,cos or romaine types are very easy to grow.
In the Garden

Lettuce can be grown in full sun to partial shade. Planting where it’s sunny in the morning and shaded in the afternoon can extend the growing season, as this will keep the growing conditions cooler. All lettuces like cool temperatures and hot weather can cause them to go to seed. As with most vegetables a good garden soil that drains well and has lots organic matter is preferred. If your soil is heavy clay, a good amount of compost will help.

Planting Lettuce

Lettuce should be planted about ½ inch deep and in rows about a foot apart. Once the seeds begin to grow the plants should be thinned to about one per every four to six inches for the leaf and cos or romaine and bibb types. Eat the lettuce that you thin out. Lettuce should also be kept evenly moist throughout its growing period. Since lettuce does not keep well and will go to seed shortly in warm weather it is best the plant short rows two to three feet long, and plant every two weeks. This will assure that you have fresh lettuce throughout the growing season. If you plant sections of the row with different kinds of lettuce, you can have a variety leaf types for your salads.

Harvesting Lettuce

When the lettuce is ready, don’t pull it out, but use a sharp knife or scissors to cut it. That way you won’t tear up the roots of the plant next to what you are picking, and you will leave all the dirt from the roots in the garden. Rinse the lettuce in cool water, spin it dry in a salad spinner, and you will have fresh crisp lettuce for your salads and sandwiches. Pick what you will use in a day or two and you’ll always have fresh, crunchy, yummy lettuce to eat.

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