Announcement: WELCOME to Farmer Dave’s Garden Blog

Welcome To Farmer Dave’s Garden, I’m Dave. I live on a farm. That’s why they call me farmer Dave. This website will teach you how to grow all sorts of flowers, vegetables, bushes, trees, etc.  I love gardening and landscaping, I even like weeding, not a lot but there are days that nothing seems better than sitting in the flower garden pulling weeds. You know when the weather is perfect, the flowers are just amazing, the colors are eye candy, it’s a good excuse to be out in the garden on a beautiful day.

I hope to get as much information on all types of flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs. As well as information on gardens and landscaping, from design, location, construction, and enjoying the outsides of your home.

Please feel free to make comments, offer advice, or just say hello. You can also contact me by email at

Thanks for visiting this site, bookmark it and come back and watch us grow from this little seed article, to a giant tree of gardening Knowledge.

Remember love brings peace and happiness.

Farmer Dave

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New Video Tour of Gardener Mel’s Garden

Yeah Mel is back! We get to go on the garden tour. Everything is green and growing. Please come and watch the latest tour of gardener Mel’s garden. It’s two parts. Part one features his big garden, and part two features his new garden, the kitchen garden.

Here’s the link enjoy!

Garden video tour gardener Mel’s garden 6-26-2011

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