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Announcement: WELCOME to Farmer Dave’s Garden Blog

Welcome To Farmer Dave’s Garden, I’m Dave. I live on a farm. That’s why they call me farmer Dave. This website will teach you how to grow all sorts of flowers, vegetables, bushes, trees, etc. ┬áI love gardening and landscaping, I even like weeding, not a lot but there are days that nothing seems better than sitting in the flower garden pulling weeds. You know when the weather is perfect, the flowers are just amazing, the colors are eye candy, it’s a good excuse to be out in the garden on a beautiful day.

I hope to get as much information on all types of flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs. As well as information on gardens and landscaping, from design, location, construction, and enjoying the outsides of your home.

Please feel free to make comments, offer advice, or just say hello. You can also contact me by email at

Thanks for visiting this site, bookmark it and come back and watch us grow from this little seed article, to a giant tree of gardening Knowledge.

Remember love brings peace and happiness.

Farmer Dave

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Contacting Farmer Dave’s Garden

Hi I just went and checked through my emails and found it was not working correctly. I think I got it fixed now, but if you sent an email or tried to contact me through my contact page┬árecently I lost your messages. I’m sorry about this but I do think it is fixed now.

LOVE brings peace and happiness

Farmer Dave

Planting Seeds Onions and Impatiens Two New Videos

I’ve just added two new videos about planting seeds. One is planting Onions from seed, and it can be found on the Onion page. The other video is how to plant Impatiens from seeds. and can be found on the Flowers page. Please let me now what you think about them, or feel free to ask any questions about them, or anything else garden related through our Contact Us page. 

Love brings peace and happiness,

Farmer Dave

First Seed Catalogs for 2012

The first seed catalogs are here, now we can dream. Dream about giant vegetables and flowers. All growing in next years garden. Winter is not here yet, but spring is comming, thanks to the seed and nursery catalogs. I also got word that Nichols won’t have a printed catalog for 2012, they are going to have it on the website as well as having a down-loadable PDF catalog. The website is

The catalogs I got in the mail are Stokes Seeds (, Pinetree Garden Seeds (, and Totally Tomatoes ( So many different varrities, it’s good that it’s sill November. I have time to dream a great dream. The garden of 2012.


LOVE brings peace and happiness,

Farmer Dave