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LOVE brings Peace and Happiness

Farmer Dave
Farmer Dave

Hi, I’m Dave

aka Farmer Dave,

I’m a gardener and artist, (my artist name is D.C.B. or Artist D.C.B.). I love gardening, growing fruits and vegetables, as well as flowers, shrubs, and trees. I also love to do the landscaping. Planning, designing, and building gardens.

Enough about me. Tell me about YOU. What do you want to learn about gardening, about growing flowers and vegetables.  What’s your greatest gardening need or desire? What are your favorite veggies, your favorite flowers?  What’s your biggest gardening problem? Are you just wanting a better lawn? Do you just want to plant a tree or some bushes? Maybe you want to know about garden lighting, fountains, ponds or a retaining wall.


I love to help! That’s right!


I want to help in all your gardening desires thru FarmerDavesGarden.com. Gardening should be fun and rewarding, a little work brings a lot of pleasure. Gardens bring beauty and great things to eat. Gardens and lawns add value to our lives. If you have any questions, please ask at Contact FarmerDavesGarden.com or email us at support@farmerdavesgarden.com


FarmerDavesGarden.com is a website about gardening and landscaping. It is owned and operated by Horses Running Ranch LLC of Wisconsin. All material is copyright by D.C.B., FarmerDavesGarden.com, and Horses Running Ranch except where noted. If you wish to use material from this website please ask us at Contact FarmerDavesGarden.com or by email at support@farmerdavesgarden.com.

LOVE brings peace and happiness



Farmer Dave

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